Frequently Asked Questions


Yes,  Expo tire guaranties the tread of the tires either Grade A or B according to your order. 

All of our tires go through a tight quality control protocol. 

All orders include popular tire brands such as Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Yokohama, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, BFGoodrich, Toyo, Goodyear, Hankook, Uniroyal, Kuomo and more. 

 At ExpoTire, we exclusively sell tires in mix loads which is a mix of many different tire sizes. The amount of tires of a particular size varies from a load to another. At ExpoTire it is not possible to buy only 3 or 4 or a few selected tire sizes to benefit our regular price. We essentially supply tires to customers that are able to buy many different tire sizes (at least 75 different sizes) according to the tire size sheet. For customers who do not choose a minimum of 75 different sizes of tires, the price will vary according to their requirements.  

 First, our main goal is to sell used tires at low cost. Selling tires separately, according to the specific needs of buyers,  would require a gigantic storage space and would cost us twice as much. As a result, our price would be significantly higher. In addition, we do not produce tires from scratch but we collect used tires and sell what we receive. For these reasons, we give priority to mix load orders. 

No. ExpoTire does not limit the sizes of your order, every size is available at the same set price. 

The minimum order is MOQ (20 Ft Hi-cube) 450 used tires. 

Into a 40 Ft hi-Cube container fit approximatively between 950 to 3000 Tires. Also, ExpoTire offers, at extra cost, the doubling ( 2 tires in 1), tripling ( 3 tires in 1), quadrupling (4 tires in 1)  service to maximize the space in the container from 950 tires to 3000 tires in the container. 

Yes. We will start loading your container as soon as your 50% deposit is received. We invite our buyers to our warehouse in Montreal (Canada) to view the order before loading if they desire. 

Anything you prefer! For instance, you can pick out tires randomly and see them re-tested (air pressured). 

We will immediately replace the tire with a fully tested used tire that past ExpoTire’s quality control. 

No problem. ExpoTire can assure you that every used tire meets our quality standards. If you are not able to travel to Montreal (Canada) in person, your balance of 50% is due within 24 hours after your tires pass the ExpoTire quality control inspection. 

No, unlike other used tire suppliers, ExpoTire loads your container without additional charge. 

You have the choice to organize the shipping by yourself (our terms of delivery are EXW, our warehouse in Montreal, Canada) OR ExpoTire can organize the transport for you without additional handling fees customer. You will only be in charge of the shipping cost. 

 All depends on the port of destination. Although, according to our experience, costs of transport varies around 3 000$ USD) for a full 40 ft Hi-cube container. Please contact us or your shipping agent/transport company for the exact information. 

We are an international wholesaler specializing in the export of used tires. EXW is one of 13 standard commercial definitions (Incoterms) used in international sales contracts. The term EXW means that all our prices are valid ex-works in Montreal, Canada. It is essential for both of us to know who is responsible for the transport and storage of used tires. According to EXW, we are responsible for storing and loading the tires and all other costs and transport risks are borne by you.

ExpoTire will be ready to load your container once you pay the 50% balance. 

Once you have sent an inquiry, we will send you an estimate/quotation. If you accept the offer you will have to confirm the order by mail and process according to our terms of payment. Our bank details will be included in our estimate/quotation. 

It is very important for us to know which tire sizes you are interested in according to our tire size sheet, the quantity of used tires, and the port of destination in order to inform you about our best offers and send you a proper quotation. 

The Buyer must pay 50% Deposit of the total price, listed in our offer. As soon as the advance is received in our firm account the order will be confirmed and the order will be officially placed. ExpoTire will start, on the same day, assembling your container of quality used tires. 

The remaining 50% is due once your container passes full ExpoTire’s quality control inspection by the date of loading of the tires ( by same day by Bank Transfer). Although, if you request the doubling, tripling quadrupling service, then the remaining 50% of the funds must be transferred by the time the doubling begins. 

 Firstly, we keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customer’s benefit. Secondly, we respect and treat every customer as our own and we sincerely do business and develop a true relationship with the buyer no matter where they come from. 

You are welcome to contact us via email, chat, or phone!